Why 15/09 is celebrated as Engineers Day ?

Celebration of 48th Engineers Day.

Whenever 15/09 comes on the calendar people wish and says Happy Engineers day.I searched and knew that it was Sir M Vishveshwaraiah’s (Sir M V Visveswaraya) birthday who was born on 15th September 1860. But what were all the reasons and why Sir M V’s birthday is being celebrated as Engineers day in India.

engineer day

“Engineering Challenges for Knowledge Era” is the theme of Engineers Day 2015.

If we look at the history of contemporary India, Sir M Visvesvaraya would undoubtedly be on the top of the list. His engineering works & contribution towards nation-building was spread across the nation throughout his career spanning over 30 years as engineer, 20 years as administrator & 20 years as adviser & statesman.

In 1884, he graduated from Poona College of Engineering ,he stood first in the University Examinations, and as was the norm for toppers those days, he was directly recruited (without any interview) by Govt. of Bombay and appointed as Assistant Engineer in Public Works Department. His zeal to dive deep into the root of any given problem and come up with innovative & reusable solutions, was highly commendable and appreciated not only by his supervisors but by the Govt. as well.

Career and outstanding work In Brief

  • Joined service as Assistant Engineer in Bombay, 1884; served in Nasik, Khandesh and Poona
  • services lent to Municipality of Sukkur in Sind, designed and carried out the water works of that Municipality
  • Executive Engineer, Surat
  • Assistant Superintending Engineer, Poona, visited China and Japan
  • Executive Engineer for Irrigation, Poona
  • Sanitary Engineer, Bombay, and Member, Sanitary Board gave evidence before the Indian Irrigation Commission
  • designed and constructed Automatic Gates patented by him at Lake Fife Storage Reservoir; introduced a new system of irrigation known as the “Block System” represented the Bombay Government at the Simla Irrigation Commission, on special duty
  • Superintending Engineer, visited Egypt, Canada. United States of America and Russia
  • Chief Engineer and Secretary to the Government of Mysore

Dewan of Mysore, P. W. and Railway Department given complete responsibility of all the development projects

  • Board of director of TATA STEEL
  • Mahatma Gandhi never missed an opportunity to praise the administration of Mysore in general & engineering feats of Sir MV in particular.

Within a decade, he had gained reputation as the most able engineer who could be entrusted with even the most complex problems. By the mid 1890s, he was popular not only among Govt & Engineers circle but among the masses as well. In 1895, the Govt had published articles in leading newspapers praising Sir MV for his dedication and admired him for his challenging work at Sukkur (which was a part of undivided India before independence).


For example, to solve the problem of reservoir overflow, he designed automatic sluice gates which was later reused for Lake Fife and the same design was reused for Tigra Dam & KRS Dam as well. He even went on to patent this design which entitled him to a recurring income in the form of royalty, which he humbly refused so that the money could instead be used by the Govt for further developmental works.

By the end of the first decade of 20th century, with more than 25 years of engineering experience, Sir MV was an accomplished engineer with international repute, and had begun to receive offers from organizations around the world to work on bigger challenges.

Even after retirement from engineering & administrative services, Sir MV was involved in several national committees & advisory bodies where he repeatedly emphasized over the role of engineering & technology in national development. The Govt of India conferred him with the nation’s highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna, in recognition of his dedication & contributions towards engineering.

Sir MV had dedicated his life towards nation building and he epitomized all the qualities of an ideal engineer throughout this life. Hence it is but natural for India to honor him by celebrating his birthday as Engineers’ Day.

Admirable India

Post by : Engineer Sahdevsinh Gohil


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