Feeling Alive with internet restored

We, the people of Gujarat took our own sweet time to pull ourselves out of our cell phone screens and by the time this post gets published, we would be back in our shell. Maybe it felt a bit uncomfortable. Or a bit more alive. i am not sure about how it felt but one thing which I can bet my cell phone on is that it felt different.

The life of the people in Gujarat took pause few days ago when the Internet connection on every phone was terminated considering the situation Gujarat was facing. Thank you dear Protesters for making me realise that my cell phone battery could even survive a whole damn day without begging for a charger. A cheating girlfriend had turned into a loyal wife (read WIFE and not WiFi). Everybody had gone ‘offline’ virtually to appear ‘online’ actually. I realised people look uglier than their WhatsApp DPs and smarter than their license photographs. The credit goes to you, dear miscreants.

I realised that how much paralyzed we are, when it comes to using Internet and on the funny note every smartphone is just like Nokia 3315 when you don’t have Internet on your high end smartphones. It’s like seeing a hot model without make up. I also dawned it upon myself that how helpless I am without internet. I would place it in the list of the most fundamental needs to survive, maybe after food water and shelter. With all this going on in my one part of the brain, the other one felt so calm and peaceful. It reminded me of my old childhood days where life was outside of phones and we hardly used phone just for calling friends and talking to relatives, out of which the latter was occasional. I truly realised that I have a life outside the smartphone, which is really not smart if it doesn’t have Internet in it.

net isn't working

While many of you might not agree with me on this point and you might have gone through so many downs rather than ups for sure. You might have faced the issue of not working Internet on your businesses, relationship etc etc. Yes I too went with all this issues where I wasn’t able to do a transaction, I wanted to pay my bills but couldn’t, wanted to send an important mail but couldn’t and yes wanted to write this post at that time but I couldn’t but I still enjoyed this few days where I called my friends rather than messaging them, went to local shop for paying for a DTH recharge and went to a restaurant to get a parcel rather than ordering it online. Life became slow but it needed that change according to me. Sitting in a lovely garden in the lap of nature feels much better than sending those rose emoticons to your sweetheart.

Maybe all of it was destined to happen. WhatsApp had to go ‘offline’ for life to come ‘online’. And trust me on this, when life came ‘online’, I had the best conversation with it. Just come out of your cell phone screens once, turn around and look, you’ll see your own reflection. Have a dialogue with it; you’ll nurture it for life. Spend a day without your phone. You’ll then realise that there is a larger, prettier world outside your 5 inches screen. Maybe life has already appeared ‘online’ and is waiting somewhere for you. It’s time you look straight into its eyes. I just did. Hope you will do too.

Admirable India


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