Top 5 Longest Rivers in India

There are many factors, such as the source, the identification or the definition of the mouth, and the scale of measurement of the river length between source and mouth, that determine the precise meaning of “river length”. (source : Wiki)

River being one of the major source of water for drinking, irrigation, generation of electricity etc. Some of the rivers are perennial and some are filled with water during rainy season but they fulfil the needs for many countrymen. So here’s the list of top 5 longest rivers according to the length they flow around the country.

1.Ganga :

ganga river

         Considered as a holy river in Hindu Mythology, this river tops the list with a total length of 2,480 km flowing across the country. The river originates from Uttarakhand and crosses the Indian boundary to Bangladesh and then merges with Bay of Bengal.

2.Godavari :

godavari river

Originating from Maharashtra district – Nasik, Godavari flows through Telangana & Andhra Pradesh and merges into Bay of Bengal near Yanam of Andhra Pradesh with a total length of 1465 km.

3.Krishna :

krishna river

With a total length of around 1400 km, Krishna River is the third longest river in the country. It originates from Mahabaleshwar and merges with Bay of Bengal.

4.Yamuna :

yamuna river

Longest tributary of Ganga in northern India & also one of the sacred river in India , river Yamuna also known by the name of “Jamuna” is the fourth longest river in India with a total length of 1370 km which originates from Yamunotri Glacier, Uttarakhand and passes through many states such as Haryana, Uttar Pradesh. It finally merges with the Bay of Bengal.

5.Narmada :

narmada river

One of the only river in the list which flows from east to west, Narmada originates from  Amarkantak hill in Madhya Pradesh and flows through Maharashtra & Gujarat and meets Arabian Sea.

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