UNINDIAN- The New Cool

By the time I am writing this, Mr. Sundar Pichai has become the new CEO of Google. Nobody would contradict the fact that Google has now become almost an inalienable part of our lives. Probably, we now look forward to Google than a book for getting information. It’s like a library without any designated racks. I just came across a piece of information from those same invisible racks. I would have called it a ‘nauseative fact’ but let me not put any adjective right away. I give the readers the liberty to have their own version.

Let us hear about five places located in five different cities in India.

1) UNO-IN hotel in Bangalore

uno-in bangalore

A hotel located in the heart of the city with very attractive infrastructure. It was set up in 2012. It was specially designed to give a Japanese feel. The new cool.

2) Free Kasol Café in Kasol

freekasol unindian

Free food is always welcome, isn’t it? It’s the biggest thumb up of the place that it serves free food. It’s purely an Israeli restaurant. The new cool.

3) “Foreigners only” beaches of Goa

foreigner beach in goa

It doesn’t need an explanation given the fact that it’s a beach and located in Goa. A sure shot to find scantily clad girls playing around you. The new cool.

4) Broadlands lodge in Chennai


One of the finest lodges in Chennai which is specially designed to give its guest a sole taste of Indian culture. The new cool.

5) Pondicherry’s beaches

pondicherry beach

Beaches of Pondicherry totally transports you to France due to its French ambience. The new cool.

You must have noticed that all of the above mentioned places are the ‘new cool’ of India. The question is what is ‘new cool’? Well, new cool is being un-Indian. All of the above mentioned five places have one thing in common. If you are an Indian, then I am sorry you are not allowed to enter. Shocking? You heard it right and clear-Indians are not allowed in lodges and beaches of India. The owners of these places believe that they have ‘selective’ entries. But there is a huge difference between being ‘semi-permeable’ and ‘racist’. The reasons given for not allowing Indians are violence and nuisance that Indians create.

Indians are violent. That is why they have never tried to invade any other country in last 100000 years. Owner of Broadlands lodge, Chennai once said that Indians create disturbance in their peaceful ambience and that their guests are not comfortable while doing stuffs like yoga and meditation. Let me tell them that both yoga as well as meditation were developed by early Indian monks.

Don’t you think it’s demeaning on our part to deny our own people from using the assets of their own country that runs by the taxes they pay? The new Indian won’t tolerate this kind of biased system. How can we expect others to stop racism against Indians when we ourselves don’t value our people? My nationality in no way can be used as my entry ticket.

Well, we won’t take steps against any of these place owners because we being Indians believe in peace and respect to others. We love to treat everyone the way we want to be treated by others. If you don’t want us to visit some place then we happily won’t. That alone is enough to scale our dignity and courtesy towards our fellow Indians. I guess not boycotting these places would be a punishment in itself.

One last question-how can you create something Indian without Indians? It’s like making a chocolate cake without chocolate.

Admirable India

Post by: Falan Vachhrajani


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