Why 1947, 15th August & Midnight was the time decided for India’s Independence?

Do you know the reason behind taking “1947 AS THE YEAR”, “15th AUGUST AS THE DATE” and “MIDNIGHT AS THE TIME” for declaring India as independent country??

1) 1947 as the year of independence –

The 2nd world war, which was started in the year 1939 and ended up in the year 1945, made Britishers financially very weak. It was difficult for them to rule their own country and they were on the verge of bankruptcy. Meanwhile, the victory of Labour Party in Britain elections of 1945 was a proved to be very significant for India in getting its independence. The Labour Party had promised to grant independence to entire British colonies including India. Initially, 1948 was decided as the year for independence but due to strengthening of Indian national army led by Subhash Chandra Bose and awakening of masses by Gandhiji, it became very difficult for the Britishers to control. Further, the conflict between Jinnah and Nehru on the matter of partition made the situation worse. Jinnah’s demand for a separate nation led to communal violence all over India. As a result of which it was decided to prepone the year of independence from 1948 to 1947.

2) 15th August as the date for independence –

The year for the independence was preponed by Lord Mountbatten.  He was the same person who had also decided the date for India’s independence as 15th August. Lord Mountbatten chose 15th August as the date of independence because on 15th August 1945, the Japanese army had surrendered before him and he considered this date as a very lucky date for his career. This gave India the date of its independence.

3) Midnight as the time for declaring India as independent –

The date 15th August 1947 was considered as unholy and unfortunate date by Indian astrologers. They wanted Lord Mountbatten to change the date of independence but he refused to change the date as it was his lucky date. Later, it was decided to declare India as independent in the midnight hours between 14th and 15th August, as for the British the day starts at 12 am and according to Hindu calendar day starts at sunrise. It was then decided to complete the speech and transfer the power within 48 minutes, that is between 11:51pm to 12:39am.  This was the reason behind declaring India’s independence at midnight.

Admirable India

Post by: Suraj Singh Parmar


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