Gujarat – The birth place of Gandhiji is not only famous for its dishes and culture but also for its beautiful and historical places. There are many places worth exploring in Gujarat . If you are planning to visit Gujarat then below are the places you must surely visit.

  • Somnath Temple –

somnath temple

Somnath is one of the 12 JYOTIRLINGA in India. The best time to visit Somnath is during Mahashivratri. The seaside location of the temple adds beauty to it. Triveni Ghat (Sangam) and Baluka Teerth are the nearby worth visiting places. The tourists can also enjoy sound and light show at the evening.

  • Great Rann of Kutch –

rannn of kutch

Rann of kutch also known as white desert is located in Thar desert in Kutch district. The government hosts 3 month long festival annually here known as Rann Utsav. The tourists here get a taste of various culture, cuisine and hospitality. Every year around 8000 tourists visit here. Narayan Sarovar & Mandvi are the nearby places which too attracts tourists.

  • Palitana –


Palitana is a spiritual place of the Jains. It is the only mountain in the world which has more than 900 temples. The temples are prettily carved in marble. Palitana is the first city of the world to be legally vegetarian. Shatrunjaya hill is the main tourist attraction in Palitana. On a clear day, you can also see Gulf of Cambay from the Shatrunjaya hill.

  • Gir National Park –

gir forest

Gir forest is the sole home of Asiatic Lions. The national park is stretched in the area of 1412 sq km. The tourists here get to see grassland, rocky hills, water bodies and different kind flaura and fauna. More than 400 species of flura and more than 2375 species of fauna are found here. Asiatic lions, Indian leopards, Indian Cobras are the main attraction factor.

  • Dwarka –


Dwarka is known as the kingdom of Lord Krishna and is important hindu pilgrimage. Dwarka is a part of “Char Dham Yatra”. Dwarka lighthouse, Dwarkadhish temple, Nageshwar jyotirlinga temple, Rukshamanee mandir, Beyt Dwarka, Gomati sangam ghat and Gita mandir are the places to be visited in Dwarka.

Admirable India

Post by: Suraj Singh Parmar


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