History Created In China But Proud Moment For Indians

kirtan in china The day was Saturday and the date was 1st August 2015. On this date around 200 Chinese sang Kirtans and danced on the tune of “Hare Krishna”. The event took place in Beijing.

  kirtan in china singing kirtans chinese

China being a communist country does not allow such kind of gathering and events. This is a big moment for Indians because earlier such kind of events was not possible to be held in China. But the situation is now changing slowly. People there have started showing interest in spirituality. speech china on spirtuality In the event, Loknatha Swami ji gave an explanation about endless human needs & their endless efforts for the search of happiness. Loknatha Swami ji is from ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Conciseness). Swamiji also described about the importance of “Hare Krishna” mantra. The audience gathered there chanted the mantra. At the end, the Chinese people also danced along with the volunteers on religious Kirtans. The scene was almost unbelievable. This event shows that people in China are now showing great enthusiasm towards spirituality. bhakti vedanta swami(ISCON)

     His Divine Grace Bhakti Vedanta Swami ( founder ISKCON )

This event can be considered as a beginning of new revolution of “Hare Krishna” movement. In 1966, Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupad started Hare Krishna movement in New York. Due to his tremendous efforts the movement reached to Japan, Europe, Australia, Russia, Hungary & rest of the world within no time. It is a matter of pride for Indians as more people will get to know about Indian mythology, Indian culture and also about India. This will ultimately show the world that our country is not just India but ADMIRABLE INDIA.

Admirable India

Post by: Suraj Singh Parmar


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