Amstrong Pame – IAS officer who made INDIA proud of his noble intention

IAS officer by profession and an epitome of noble intentions, this officer has made whole country proud at huge level. When you speak of virtues like honesty, credibility or accountability people wont think of IAS officers at first level. It doesn’t mean that there is no magnanimous IAS officer out there. pame ias He was Born in 1984. Mr. Amstrong Pame studied at a town school in Tamenglong, Manipur till class 10 . Then he moved to St Edmund’s College, Shillong, and completed his class 12 studies. By 2005, he completed a degree in Physics from the prestigious St. Stephen’s College in Delhi. He always dreamt of studying in St Stephen’s College in Delhi, but his childhood dream was – to be an IAS officer. I would say he was a lone warrior. Mr. Pame’s village was in outskirts unconnected to the world; it took 2 days to reach main highway by walking from his village. People would need to manually carry grains for miles and doctors refused to visit ailing patients, many of whom died on their way for treatment. pame 4 society He has people who aided him to construct 100 km long road passing from the most backward districts. He and his family have donated entirely from their earnings (including salaries and pension) to see the results. The money was largely being spent on oil used for the road laying machinery and food for the volunteers. Armstrong Pame with the help of his brother Jeremiah Pame (Who is a professor in Delhi University) created a group on Facebook and reached individual donors for this project and raised 50 lakhs INR. He was nominated for CNN-IBN Indian of the Year in Public service category. pame speech He was asked during the IAS interview, how he’d serve the nation, as he claimed, if he didn’t get posted to his state and was instead posted somewhere in Tamil Nadu. To this he replied: “Poverty, hunger and thirst know no boundary; they are the same. So I am willing to work in any part of the country.” Pame really and truly deserve respect from Indian hearts.

Admirable India

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