Kargil War Aftermath: The Tuesday after that fateful Monday

a7e72a8141758125acd6fb820a016f1c27 July 1999, Tuesday. A restitutive sun rose, for the two nations which were profoundly penetrated into an inescapable predicament of fear that had frozen their spines since last 3 menacing months. Heroes were being carried under the tricolour. Guns were upraised and shots were fired in respect. The newspaper that day carried a front-page headline which everyone in India was hankering after to read. “PAKISTAN TAKES THE INTRUDERS BACK. KARGIL WAR FINALLY COMES TO AN END”, it said.

On May 3, local shepherds of Kargil reported Pakistani intrusion into Kargil, which later lead to multitudinous unprepossessing chain of events. Indians took a minute more to digest an unforeseeably acetous fact that Pakistanis had invaded Kargil and were in no mood to back off without a cartilaginous reply from the Indian forces. Both the countries underwent an agonizing war, which killed lot of soldiers from both the sides. After constant efforts, Indian forces managed to make intruders take a back step from the major part of the area they had invaded. And finally, when Mr. Bill Clinton, U.S. president then, pressurized Pakistani Prime Minister to pull out from Kargil, the war came to an end. Not only was the war painful and ugly, but the events that turned up after the war, were equally demeaning.

From the end of the war until February 2000, the Indian stock market rose by 30%. The next Indian budget included major increases in military spending. Indian government severed its ties with Pakistan and increased defence preparedness. Many magazines and newspapers criticized RAW (Research and Analysis Wing, Indian Intelligence Agency) for not being able to predict the activities going on in Pakistani camps. RAW, in turn, blamed Senior Indian Army officers for not taking the reports of the junior soldiers seriously. Basically, everyone was blaming everyone for not being alert enough. Whole nation grieved, and is still grieving for those brave and mighty soldiers who protected Mother India.

Things were even worse on the other side of the border, in Pakistan. They feared the possibility of international isolation and the already fragile Pakistan economy was weakened further. Worst of them all, the Pakistani government even refused to accept the dead bodies of few officers. So, when Pakistani government refused to acquire the dead bodies, Indian soldiers cremated them with the respect they were denied of, by their own country.

Now the question to be asked is-was it so necessary to conduct Kargil war? Of course it was wrong on part of Pakistan to try to take control over an Indian territory. But was it so necessary for them to do so? What would have they earned out of it? Nothing except, their next generation studying Kashmir as a Pakistani state in geography. But do you think they care? I mean who gives a damn about which country has larger area than the other?

The wicked desire of a country to conquer a state of another killed many innocent lives. What about those wives who lost their husbands? Do we ever think about those children whose dad went away promising that they would be back one day but never turned up, ever again? Even after the war was over the Pakistani politicians, instead of making their already flimsy economy stable, were busy counting the number of Indian soldiers their forces had managed to wipe out.


In the war, it was not about who won but about who lost. It was none of the two countries who participated in the war that had lost, but it was humanity and love that were brought to their knees and smashed. Humanity screams not only for the sufferings that Indian soldiers had to undergo, but also for the nightmares Pakistani soldiers underwent just because of the ego and greed of their rulers. It’s not about an Indian martyr or a Pakistan martyr because a soldier is a soldier everywhere. Wives became widows and kids became orphans on both the sides. Ever thought about what they would be feeling at the moment? The only thing going on their minds would be to rewind the time somehow and stop their husbands and fathers from going to fight the battle which nobody won.


Team Admirable India salutes all those fearless souls, irrespective of their nationalities, who left no stone unturned and fought till their last breath for the flag they had saluted for their entire lives.

One more question remains to be answered, if not for us then for those people who either lost their loved ones or got them back handicapped, that is it so obligatory for us to quench our greed that we are ready to devastate so many lives,. The only thing to hate is hatred. So this Vijay Divas let us take a resolution to promote peace, love and brotherhood. That will be the biggest tribute possible to those steel hearts who sacrificed themselves to ensure the security of people behind them.

Admirable India 

Post by: Falan Vachhrajani


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