The “Height” Of Cricket At The HPCA Stadium, Dharamsala

Cricket is not just the most popular sport and most widely played game in India, rather it is a religion.

But, can someone believe, a person who worships this game on ground is not at all concentrating in its live proceedings and is busy watching the beautiful nature around and is sightseeing. Initially, no person will believe my argument and will reject it with a foxy smile. Nevertheless, its very true as a matter of fact, that Himachal Pradesh Cricket Stadium in Dharamsala, just 250 kms away from capital city of Shimla, is one such place.dharamsala

Dharamsala is well known to many people around the world as the home of Dalai Lama, the great monk of tibet.
Himachal Pradesh cricket stadium or Dharamsala stadium is situated at 1457M above sea level. This stadium is also one of the highest stadiums in the world in terms of altitude where international matches have been played. This stadium is very beautiful, thanks to the Dauladhar hills around it. One can clearly see snow-capped mountains in the background of the field.During rainy season and at the time of snowfall during winters, it becomes very difficult to host matches at this ground. The nearest airport is at Gaggal around 8 kms away from Dharamsala town.HPCA Admirable india

This stadium was given international certification after the ICC committe led by former Australian player David Boon did inspection and approved this ground as fit for international cricket. The President of Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Mr Anurag Thakur should be given equal credit for this marvellous stadium as others associated with it deserve. However, the Indian team lost the inaugural match on this famous ground against England in 2013. Fighting back, Indian team won its second game against West Indies by 59 runs on this venue. Till now 10 matches have also been played on this ground between 2010-2015 with 2 matches each till 2013 and 1 match each in 2014-15 respectively.

Dharmasala ground has a capacity of nearly 23000 people at a time. The stadium has good cricketing facilities and great standards. This stadium is just heart-melting and refreshing in its own ways. There will be very less stadium as beautiful as this one, with land scape, nature and atmosphere around creating a unique experience for the players too. Himachal Pradesh cricket stadium is home to Himachal Pradesh cricket team for Ranji matches and other limited over matches and also hosts IPL matches with Kings-11 Punjab as its home team.dharamshala

Once former Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist said – ” I would love to settle down in Dharamsala and live my life on this ground ” after looking at the ground for the very first time. Gilly seems not at all wrong in any way because visiting this stadium is a joyful and soulful experience that brings contentment. Admirable India is proud that our country is trying its best to give  its athletes world class facilites to compete on international circuit.

Admirable India

Post by: Jaywant Zala


3 thoughts on “The “Height” Of Cricket At The HPCA Stadium, Dharamsala

  1. How beautiful it would be to just sit in a ground like this and enjoy the game of cricket. Now it’s for sure in my To-do list.


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