The Historic “Kakori Train Robbery”

kakori admirable india

In India’s struggle for independence, Kakori train robbery holds a prominent place in the historic records and is one of the most memorable chapter in the history of India’s fight for freedom.

The masterminds behind this train robbery were Ram Prasad Bismil and Ashfaqullah Khan along with Rajendra Lahiri, Chandrashekhar Azad, Sachindra Bakshi, Keshab Chakravarty, Manmathnath Gupta, Murari Lal Gupta, Mukundi Lal Gupta and Banwari Lal. All of them belonged to the Hindustan Republican Association (HRA), which later became the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association.

On August 9, 1925 when the No.8 Down Train from Shahjahanpur to Lucknow was approaching Kakori, someone pulled the chain and the train stopped abruptly. The revolutionaries made the guard lie down on his face. They fired shots with the pistol and shouted, “Travellers, do not be afraid. We are revolutionaries fighting for freedom. Your lives, money and honour are safe. But take care not to peep out of the train”.

The train carried the money-bags in a large box belonging to the British Government Treasury in the guard’s cabin. The revolutionaries pushed the box to the ground. The box had a strong lock but there was a small slit on the top of the box which they managed to widen. These 10 young men took out all the moneybags from the box, bundled them in rugs and escaped to Lucknow.

Ashfaqulla Khan

A massive manhunt was carried out and on 26th September 1925, Ramaprasad Bismil was arrested. Ashfaq escaped from his home and hid in a sugarcane field. He then took a refugee in Banaras Unviersity for some time after which he managed to escape to Bihar and later, he went to Delhi with a plan to go abroad. In Delhi, he met a Pathan friend who was his classmate and a close acquaintance. Falling for greed of money which the British Government had announced on Ashfaq’s head, the Pathan informed the police and Ashfaq was arrested.

During the Court proceedings, the Superintendent of Police who also happened to be a Muslim went to Ashfaq and said: “Ashfaq, I am also a Muslim. I am very sorry for your arrest. I can have you released if you accept my advice. You become Government approver and give testimony against Ram Prasad Bismil. He is a Hindu and wants to establish the rule of Hindus. You should not be with him”. Ashfaq became very angry and retaliated, “I warn you, never utter such unholy words from your mouth. Ram Prasad is my brother. I would rather die under the rule of Hindus than to live under the British rule”.

khan admirable india

The final judgments were pronounced on April 6, 1927. Ram Prasad Bismil, Ashfaqullah Khan, Rajendra Nath Lahiri and Roshan Singh were sentenced to death while 16 others associated with the conspiracy were given life sentences. There was outrage all over the nation with massive strikes and protests against the judgement.

Several attempts were made to save the four who were sentenced to death including a petition to the British viceroy but they were rejected. The four men were finally hanged on December 1927.

The four revolutionaries in their last moments had a smile on their lips and prayers that they born again in their motherland to serve the nation and fight again for the country’s freedom.

These young patriots believed that the greatest achievement of man is to dedicate and sacrifice himself and at last lay down one’s life for his or her motherland. These are the real life heroes who need to be remembered who sacrificed their everything in the blind love of our motherland and for the greater good of our country. We are very fortunate to be born in a country where such martyrs have been born.

सरफरोशी की तमन्ना अब हमारे दिल में है,
देखना है जोर कितना बाजुए कातिल में है ।

करता नहीं क्यों दुसरा कुछ बातचीत,
देखता हूँ मैं जिसे वो चुप तेरी महफिल मैं है ।

रहबर राहे मौहब्बत रह न जाना राह में
लज्जत-ऐ-सेहरा नवर्दी दूरिये-मंजिल में है ।

यों खड़ा मौकतल में कातिल कह रहा है बार-बार
क्या तमन्ना-ए-शहादत भी किसी के दिल में है ।

ऐ शहीदे-मुल्को-मिल्लत मैं तेरे ऊपर निसार
अब तेरी हिम्मत का चर्चा ग़ैर की महफिल में है ।

वक्त आने दे बता देंगे तुझे ऐ आसमां,
हम अभी से क्या बतायें क्या हमारे दिल में है ।

खींच कर लाई है सब को कत्ल होने की उम्मींद,
आशिकों का जमघट आज कूंचे-ऐ-कातिल में है ।

सरफरोशी की तमन्ना अब हमारे दिल में है,
देखना है जोर कितना बाजुए कातिल में है ।

                                                                                                                     – Ram Prasad Bismil

Admirable India

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6 thoughts on “The Historic “Kakori Train Robbery”

  1. Feeling proud to be born in a country were such country men were born and fully dedicated their life fr their motherland. I also pray to almighty tht if i gt chance of rebirth thn please send me to india again, rather in any form. Long live india, proud to be an indian . 🙏


  2. Feeling great to be born in great country ,INDIA were such a legend and dairing personalities were born… Jai hind…!!!!


  3. Really great martyrs…… Some people just never die……the robbers managed to rob independence for us…..salute them for their love for country….. N thanks admirable India for sharing this post.


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