BETI BACHAO : Say NO To Female Infanticide


People. Dictionary says a group of two or more person. If dictionary would have been something that has a pair of eyes to see, a pair of ears to hear and the senses to make it alive, it would have called people something more than just a bunch of persons together, because people think, people dream, people hope, people percept and unfortunately people tend. Remember Einstein’s theory of relativity? When you do something you like, an hour seems like a minute and when it’s the other way round, a minute seems like an hour. It’s true. People tend to get used to good things easily. But no one ever told that its counterpart is equally true. People tend to get used to bad things easily too.

Imagine two people, say A and B living together in a house. Both spend equal amount of money for the maintenance of the house. B suddenly has to go out of town for a month. But when he comes back after a month, he learns that A has taken control over the entire house and is now refusing to accommodate B into it. B files a case in court against A. The judge gives the verdict in A’s favour as he is very powerful. Fair enough, right? You better don’t dare to say no or that the judge was biased. Because this is what we have been doing since last many decades. Trying to adjust with the system even if we know it’s unfair.

Since the time Britishers ruled our country, we have been practising a ridiculous tradition of female infanticide-killing baby daughters. And for once, if you hear the reason for people doing it, you’ll end up chilling your blood. The primary reason being given for female infanticide in India is the system of dowry. Like, really? Does the system of dowry give you enough reasons for killing your daughter at an age where she probably doesn’t even know that her murderers are the ones who brought her into this world? This is where the so called ‘unfortunately-people-tend’ thing comes into the scene. Even though we know that the problem lies in the tradition of dowry and the only possible solution is to abolish it, but still instead of solving the actual problem, we tend to get used to it and end up doing something as frivolous as killing an unaware innocent. Can we really be so irrational? No wonder, Britishers managed to rule us for such a long span of time.

If we think logically, then the big question is why only daughters? Do your sons come with a check of 5 lakh rupees at the time of their birth? Then why? When asked the same, these nincompoops say that a son can earn for them. Show me any damn firm which says that they would hire only guys to work for them. Is there any? The thing is, even daughters can earn if you just give her the quality education, which in fact she legally deserves, and just let her free to work. Then comes their another argument that sons contribute in continuity of the generation. Well, if you are qualified and have ever been to 8th grade then you must know that your son will need a girl to continue your generation. A mother grows a generation, but how will a generation grow if we kill those future mothers even before they are an year old? I wonder how can the people of a country who sends its space shuttles to moon be so illogical and superstitious.

This ghastly act of female infanticide has unbalanced the sex ratio of India. Every year India loses 3 million little angels. The methods which are adopted vary from injecting poison to burying in mud to deliberately making the child sick. This thinking needs to be changed, from its very roots. If given enough opportunities in life, even girls can touch the heights of the sky. Aren’t we proud of Mary Kom,  Sania Mirza and Sunita Williams? We call our country ‘Mother India’. Then why have we become so heartless that we kill our daughters because of a stupid tradition running in our culture, which need to be abolished.

Think about that day when your mother taught you to walk and talk. The first word you uttered was ‘Ma’. Remember the day when your sister just came first in the class and made you feel proud. Do you remember that day when your girlfriend just brought you your birthday gift? How happy you felt when the doctor came up to you and said, “Congratulations, your wife has given birth to a little daughter”. Is that day still in your memory when your daughter grew up to become the most successful entrepreneur, and you were so proud, clapping even though your hands hurt, with tears in your eyes? Would any of this have been possible if you would have thrown that little life into a river, or poisoned her?

It’s high time for us to realize and get it straight that girls make our life worth living. A has to share his house with B, if not by choice, then by force. The society has to give to the girls, what they give to guys. If they don’t, the girls know how to snatch it away.

Admirable India

Post by: Falan Vachhrajani


2 thoughts on “BETI BACHAO : Say NO To Female Infanticide

  1. Ther is a survey that higly educated urban’s have killed more female childs then uneducated rural people. How can any people kill the female child, we in our country worship goddess much more then gods and still people kills female child. I personally belive tht a family with first child as a girl is much more lucky then the male child. The laws pertainning to this should be made more strict so people stays away from this initially, life time imprisionment should be granted to the person found culprit fr committing such crimes. The matters relating to such should also be carried by fast track court so tht speedy and easy judegemnts are passed and an example in set for the whole country. The social workers and politicians should also give education to people in this regard through meetings tht female child are of much importance as male. Local Political leaders can bring sudden change in such matters as people are attached with them very well as they help them at every stage. Vast programmes should be organised by govt organisations as well as non govt organisations. Hoping for a day when india will totally abolish this system of female infanticides like it has abolished the tradition of sati etc which are against humanity.


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