Dashrath Manjhi : Shahjahan who carved his own Taj

dashrath admirable india

If someday someone wakes up and out of nowhere, decides to do something so unusual that no one can ever imagine even in their dreams, then don’t tell them that they can’t, because they just might prove you wrong. Well, someone sometime ago did the same.

Almost five decade ago, when a landless farmer Dashrath Manjhi from Gehlaur village, Gaya (Bihar) took a 500 gram hammer and decided  to break down a mountain of 300 feet and to convert a 50 km long journey into just 10 km journey.

Dashrath Manjhi started hammering the hill in early 1959 in the memory of his wife Falguni Devi who could not be taken to nearest hospital on time for the immediate treatment as the nearest road that connected them to the city was 50 km long.  Dashrath  sold his goats to purchase chisel rope and hammer without listening up critics and discouraging remark. Dashrath hammered consistently for 22 long years to shorten 50 km to 10 km and then the day arrived  when he went across the 1 km long and 16 feet  wide tunnel and stepped towards his dream “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HILL” .

Once Dashrath says to reporter that “attitude matters !! Don’t ever blame difficulties if you crumble in front  of them ; it is not the difficulty but the attitude that let you down”.

For Dashrat’s glorious and impossible work of art, the man bigger then mountain was known as “mountain man”. Unfortunately we lost him on 17 august 2007 at the age of 73 due to cancer but his art, attitude, hard work and love for his wife will stay with us forever in a way of a “WAY”.

Dashrat proved us that “Will power is a great thing. It can be higher than any mountain and sharper than any axe”

Admirable India

Post by – Raghav Sharma


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