Arunima Sinha: Determination VS Rocks. Who will win?

Ever saw a small water drop on a freezing winter morning? You may end up judging it because of its tiny size, or just step on it and brush it aside. But if those negligibly small drops bunch themselves up, they form a sea for which swallowing anything down is just a child’s play. Guess who’s tiny now? So, never ever commit the mistake of judging someone on how huge a task they’ve decided to complete. Their actions might just mute your screams.

Arunima sinha admirable india 2

Such is the life story of an irongirl, Arunima Sinha. Born in 1988, she was a very good athlete and a national level volleyball player. Slow but consistent, she was crossing each and every hurdle that came her way of becoming the great volleyball player India had ever seen. She had the right momentum. Now that’s when life hits you the hardest on your face, when you think you’ve figured it out.

Cut to 11 April 2011. She was travelling form Lucknow to Delhi in Padmavat express. Suddenly out of nowhere, a group of robbers came and tried to loot a golden necklace off her. When she resisted, they threw her out of the train. Unfortunately, at the same course of time, another train passed in the opposite direction. After that train had passed, Arunima discovered that it had totally crushed her left leg, from below the knee. Whole night she kept screaming and begging for help. But all her requests were unheard. Next morning she was rushed to the hospital with serious leg and pelvic injuries, where they had to amputate her to cut her leg. That was the only way to save her life. So that was it. Life had drowned upon her and she was to live the rest of her life with a single, half dead leg.

But one day during her treatment, she spoke something which shook the ground off everyone’s feet. Words that nobody in her place could ever imagine came out of her vocals. She said, “I want to take up mountaineering and climb the Everest”. It would have been another case if a normal person would say that, but it’s hard to supress a smile when you hear it from somebody who just had an accident, which had cost her a whole damn leg. Someone who couldn’t even walk properly dreamt of getting the tallest mountain under her feet. She started her training soon. But speaking is one and doing it is entirely another. Her initial days at training were very hard for her. Where people took 2 minutes to walk, Arunima took 3 long hours to cover the same distance.

Then came the final day when she had to climb the Everest. Things went smooth until camp 3. After that she had to face a lot of obstacles to seize that one single epic moment where she would be on top of the world. She struggled with her only leg. And finally at 10:55 am on 21 May 2013, she was on top of the world, at 8848 metres high. Being thrown out of that train, shouting for help the whole dark night, cutting her leg, and the painful task of climbing the Everest, all the pain that she had endured had paid off. In that one crucial moment, everything else just ceased to exist. It was just her, on top of the mountain she had dreamed to conquer with one leg. She had proved what she needed to, to anyone who doubted her.

Going down was the toughest part because her oxygen was on verge of getting utilized, but her will power was not, she had plenty of it. She somehow, despite many people’s assumptions of her not making it, made it. But climbing the Everest was just not enough for Arunima Sinha. After that, she also conquered the peaks of Kilimanjaro (5895m) in Tanzania, Elbrus (5642m) on the Russia-Georgia border, McKinley (6194m) in Alaska and Mount Kosciuszko (2228m).

Sometimes your life’s greatest downfall can lead you to some of your biggest achievements. Sometimes, a deep scar on your wings can make you fly at the highest limit of the sky. All that counts is your will to win. You just need to make your persistence stronger than the rocks of the Everest and then, even the tallest mountain of the world will be under your feet, be it one or two. Some birds, even with the deepest wound on their wings, are meant to fly. Their determination is so rigid that they don’t lose hope, even under those circumstances where hope is hopeless.

Admirable India

Post by- Falan Vachhrajani


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