Dal Lake – An enigmatic beauty of Kashmir

dal-lake-admirable india

Crowning the nation – Kashmir is undoubtedly the heaven on earth. Dal Lake is one of the masterpiece that Kashmir gave birth to, it is even entitled as “Jewel in the crown of Kashmir” or “Srinagar’s Jewel”. It’s also the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir.

Dal Lake is a Himalayan Urban Lake, located in the heart of Srinagar  at an average altitude of 1,583 M. Dal Lake is a large shallow urban, hyper eutrophic lake situated within Srinagar City, India. The lake is known as a tourist attraction and it also provides drinking water, fish and vegetables, – and recreational opportunities to the local population. The lake is divided into three basins

(1) Hazratbal (northern basin),
(2) Bod-Dal (southern basin), and
(3) Nigeen (western basin).

The shoreline of the lake 15.5 km approx. is encompassed by boulevard lined with hotels, parks, restaurants and shops selling cashmere (pashmina) shawls, capes, beautiful paper mache products, carpets and chain stitch rugs. many of these shops and restaurants are open till mid night during the tourist season.

mughal gardens admirable india

Mughal Garden

royal springs admirable india

Royal Springs Gold Course

Mughal Gardens build during the reign of Emperor Jahangir lies on the shoreline of the lake and the scenic beauty of the lake can be witnessed from here. “Royal Springs” golf course is one of the late additions to the beauty of the boulevard.

char-chinar dal lake admirable india

Chaar Chinaar

At the centre of the lake is an island named ‘Chaar Chinaar’ which has been named after the four chinar trees on it. This property belongs to the royal family of Jammu and kashmir. There is a floating park on the lake is about 55 yards from the boulevard name Nehru Park. It gives a splendid view of the lake, boulevard and the mountains around. There are small shops and stalls in the park selling hot as well as cold beverages and light snacks.

dal lake in winter

Dal Lake during winters

During the winters, sometimes the temperature goes below -11 degrees celsius, freezing the lake. People are often found ice skating on the lake at that time. Ideal time to visit the lake is during the month of April-September. Dal Lake along with Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places of India which everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

Admirable india

4 thoughts on “Dal Lake – An enigmatic beauty of Kashmir

  1. Its one of the most beautiful place in the whole world. Been there the memories are still tickling my brain. The glimpse of dal lake are still in front of my eyes. A must visit for every indian .


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