Ajit Doval – Superspy from India – National Security Advisor to PM

ajit doval and modi admirable india
The 1968 batch of Indian Police Services of the Kerala cadre produced one of the finest officer ever – Ajit Kumar Doval, who is a revered figure in the secret world of Indian espionage.
Ajit Doval is a former Indian intelligence and law enforcement officer. He is the current National Security Advisor (NSA) to PM Modi. He had also served as the Director of Intelligence Bureau during 2004-2005.
Ajit Doval was involved in the termination of 15 hijackings of Indian Airlines aircrafts. And was India’s main negotiator with the hijackers of Indian Airlines flight (IC-814) that was hijacked and taken to Kandahar in 1999.
He has spent decades tirelessly tracking down suspected militants in the treacherous terrain of the North-East. In the 1980s, during the Mizoram National Front (MNF) insurgency, when it was breaking India’s back. Doval was a spy in Mizoram National Front who infiltrated the underground MNF and weaned away 6 of its top 7 commanders and aides. This broke the back of Mizo National Front.
Ajit Doval was also a key in infiltrating terrorist outfits in Punjab. He was behind the success of Operation Blue Star. He posed as a Pakistan spy and gained valuable intel informations from them.
In 1990, he went to Kashmir and managed to persuade militants like Kuka Parray to act against anti-India militants which paved the path for elections in Kashmir, thus resulting in a political victory.
Before retirement, Ajit Doval lived undercover in Pakistan for 7 years (1990-97).
Ajit Doval is also known to be aggressive against our enemy nation Pakistan. His statement as recorded, “You can do one Mumbai, you lose Balochistan.”
It is said that the presence of Ajit Doval as NSA worries ISI a lot and they shifted Dawood Ibrahim to Pak-Afghan border. For once, Doval had almost caught Dawood but he escaped due to a leak in police department.
Former Sri Lankan president, Mahindra Rajapakse was also in the target of Ajit Doval for playing China card against India but he unexpectedly lost the elections.
Recently, 45 Indian nurses were rescued from Iraq which was under ISIS’s threat. Doval played a key role in the mission.
Ajit Doval along with Indian Army Chief General Dalbir Singh recently played a crucial role in carrying out a very rare cross border operation against insurgents in Myanmar. The operation was successful and there was no casualty on our side.
Ajit Doval has been conferred with numerous awards, accolades and recognitions.
He was the first IPS officer to be awarded the Kirti Chakra. He was also the youngest police officer ever to get the Police Medal for meritorious services. He got it after 6 years of service where the norm is minimum 17 years of service.
A lot has not been known about him since he has been a spy most time of his life.
Team Admirable India salutes Shri Ajit Kumar Doval Ji for his sincere efforts and dedication in saving our motherland from foreign threats and dangers. Its really encouraging to have some one like him at the Helm. He lived a life which is worth living. He is an inspiration for us and a ‘Legend’ in true sense. Its because of such personalities like him, our motherland India is called an ‘Admirable India’.

A glimpse of his endevours

Jai Hind !

5 thoughts on “Ajit Doval – Superspy from India – National Security Advisor to PM

  1. Ajit Doval was a key in the success of Operation Blue Star. Just read a piece of article :

    ‘Sometime in 1988. Residents of Amritsar around the Golden Temple where Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale once held sway, and Khalistani militants spotted a rickshawpuller plying his trade. He was new in the area and he looked ordinary enough. The suspicious militants put him on their watch list. It took 10 days for them to make contact; or for him to approach them, as the confusing game of spycraft unfurled within the sacred precincts. The rickshaw puller convinced the militants that he was an ISI operative, who had been sent by his Pakistani masters to help the Khalistan cause. Two days before Operation Black Thunder, the rickshaw-puller entered the Golden Temple and returned with crucial information, including the actual strength and positions of the terrorists inside the shrine. He was none other than Ajit Doval undercover. When the final assault came, the young police officer was inside Harminder Sahib, streaming much needed information to security forces to carry out search-and-flush operations.’

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  2. Interesting article …thanks for bringing a person like this into the eyes of every Indian . proud to have such citizens who have done so much for the nation. Hats off to him. Jai hind


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