GIFT CITY: Sky Is The Limit

The Underdog has hustled.

The pics of these sky embracing towers are not from London, neither from Paris nor from Las Vegas. They are from India. Yes, you heard it right, India. Its an undergoing project named GIFT ( Gujarat International Finance Tec ) city, Gandhinagar. The two towers are 29 storeys high and the whole project comprises of many such skyscrapers.Gift CIty

There will be a residential zone, commercial zone, academic zone and a few other spaces designated fit for their distinct purposes. The total area of GIFT comprises of 3.99 sq km of land.  The major landmarks of GIFT are GIFT Diamond Tower, GIFT Convection Centre and the most significant of them all , GIFT-World Trade Centre.

A country which used to perpetuate the cycle of producing depressed nerd is now turning into a factory of change embracing leaders. Yes, we took a bit more time to initiate. Agreed that we had some of our own problems to tackle.Yes, we took a minute more to expand our feathers, but the thing to note is that we flied anyway. An that’s what counts at the end of the day, to be better than

Finally, we’ve stopped writhing around on a wreckage and started producing stalwarts. So, underdogs have hustled finally and they’ll hopefully touch the skies, just like their towers did.

Proud to be an Indian.


Admirable India


3 thoughts on “GIFT CITY: Sky Is The Limit

  1. Really it’s unbelievable .. Great going India , now we won’t have to pay lakhs to go and see this talk skyscrapers to USA or Dubai


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