What is Net Neutrality and questions revolving it ?

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There has been so much of buzz about the term “Net Neutrality” since so many months and it was making day to day headlines in the top newspapers and news channels. But still people are unaware of the real meaning of “Net Neutrality” and the impact it will create on our daily internet usage.

We asked many people about their views on Net Neutrality and we found that many though aware with the term, but really didn’t understand its concept. So we thought of giving the deep insights on Net Neutrality and questions revolving around it.

So what is Net Neutrality ?

If we go by definition, Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers ( ISPs)  should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favouring or blocking particular products or websites.

Oops.. did we make it even worse ? Actually Net Neutrality is itself an abhorrent sounding technical term which lacks an easy definition.

Here’s what it really means in layman terms.

Telecom operators/ISPs ( like Vodafone, Airtel , Idea etc) are gateway providers who give us the internet facility so that we can use it to access whatever we want . But consider if they can even control how much we access, what we access, even how fast we access and how much we have to pay to access content and services on the internet then.

For us its important to have the freedom to choose on what to access and we don’t want anyone to have control over that.

Let’s take a small example to explain this in detail.

Consider that you being a shopaholic and love shopping online from all the wonderful apps that we have now in India due to fast growing e- commerce zone. If you are planning to buy a pair of shoes for yourself and you check on internet for the same and you see that your service operator has provided you access to only Amazon or lets say Flipkart or Myntra is opening very slowly and you are tired of being waiting. So eventually you will have only option left i.e. to buy it from Amazon. This is how the service providers want to control our internet usage and thats why we as the end consumers need Net Neutrality. Websites like Amazon, Flipkart will pay the service providers so that people have access to their own websites and there won’t be a fair marketplace left on internet.

So to ingress our freedom we need to support Net Neutrality.

We want :

– All sites must be equally accessible
– The same access speed  for each ( independent of telecom selection ).
– The same data cost for access to each site (per KB/MB).

This means, Net Neutrality is about:
– No telecom-style licensing of Internet companies
– No gateways, censorship or selection;
– No speeding up of specific websites ( that may or may not pay telecoms ).
– No “zero rating” or making some sites free over others.

Lets save the internet.

Admirable India


10 thoughts on “What is Net Neutrality and questions revolving it ?

  1. Nicely written.. moreover I would like to know whether in any other country this concept is being implemented or is it in function? because if India is the first country, then we got to think about How much capitalistic are our economic policies, so that these companies are actually getting this courage to cheat people in such a way. Good job done by govt by putting a stay on it. But I think it’s a stay order and has the potential to raise heads In near future.


  2. USA too has face this issue where people have came forward to protest and their rights of using internet moreover the president of USA Mr. Barack Obama agreed that Internet should be a free place where anyone can access whatever they want and no limitations should govern this. India too faces this problem when Airtel came up with Airtel Zero Plan and which was supported by giants like Flipkart. It was than it took fire and people started revolting against acquiring their rights to use Internet in whichever way they want. Since then TRAI asked the people to vote for and against the net neutrality online and now since the voting lines are closed, we are waiting for the results to be announced.

    It’s one of the most critical and debatable topic India is going through and I am sure this will soon create a buzz when the TRAI will announce its decision. Fingers crossed … Guys Save the Internet.

    Admirable India hats off to you people for making the people understand about net neutrality in such common words. Spread the word guys.


  3. Net neutrality should be supported by every Indian. It’s our right to use the Internet in whichever fashion we want to. Airtel Zero and all plans which ISPs are coming up will sabotaged the end costumer rights.

    Yeah as said we need to save the Internet.

    Go onto every social platform you are in and spread the word. Many doesn’t even know the real meaning of Net neutrality if frankly saying few people are against Net Neutrality thinkings it’s against consumers. Nice work done by Admirable India to bring this into the eyes of common people in the language they understand.

    Hats off


  4. On what grounds TRAI wants to regulate plans like Airtel Zero . We need to support Net Neutraity and not be against it.
    Thanks for supporting and creating awareness guys. We are the citizen of a democratic country we have the right of speech and so we need to support the topics like this.

    Keen to know on what TRAI brings up next.


  5. The wallpaper you selected doesn’t seem to be on the right topic. It seems like you picked a topic that can really relate and resonate with the whole class. Good job


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