Bharti Airtel: World’s Third Largest Mobile Operator

Bharti Airtel, on 30th June, said that it has become the third largest mobile operator globally in terms of subscribers with over 303 million mobile subscribers. As a result of which, Bharti Airtel soon rose 1.4% to Rs 419.30 on BSE after the announcement.

Sunil Mittal, chairman of Bharti Airtel, said “This is a major landmark in the journey of Airtel and underlines the strength of our business model and our brand that is loved by customers.”
China Mobile is currently the world’s largest mobile operator with 626.27 millions subscriber base, followed by Vodafone group of UK which stands 2nd with 403 million subscribers. China Unicorn is 4th with 299.09 million subscribers.
Airtel is an Indian Multinational Telecommunications company whose headquarter is in New Delhi. It is India’s largest mobile operator with about 200 million subscribers. It is also the largest operator in South Asia and it has its operations in 20 countries.
Source : WCIS Report (World Cellular Information Service)
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2 thoughts on “Bharti Airtel: World’s Third Largest Mobile Operator

  1. They have the numbers. Great thing for a company. Certainly they should be proud about such numbers. But it would do them a lot of good if they focus on quality of services offered by them. That would make them a truly world class company.


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