Satnam Singh : First Indian to be drafted in NBA

satnam singh admiable india
Satnam Singh on 26th June 2015 made history by becoming the first Indian to be drafted in NBA. Dallas Mavericks drafted him with a 52nd pick.
Singh has performed remarkably well at IMG Academy in Florida over last 5 years. Satnam came as a part of scholarship training program between IMG and Reliance.
Satnam Singh Bhamara – 19 years old and 7 foot 2 inch tall – belongs to Ballo Ke, a small village from Punjab.
His father is a wheat farmer who insisted and inspired Satnam to play basketball. He himself is about 7 feet tall while his mother is 6’9 .
Singh is actually the first player born in subcontintent to make it into NBA. He can be very instrumental in growing the popularity of the sports in the cricket crazy nation. He is a rare combination of height and talent at the age of 19. And in a true sense, an ‘Admirable Indian’.
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3 thoughts on “Satnam Singh : First Indian to be drafted in NBA

  1. Proud of Satnam Singh ! India has a lot of hidden talent. All we need is a good sports infrastructure to nurture such talents.


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