Plight of Women in India

” Yatra naryastu poojyante ramante tatra devta” , i.e ‘ gods dwell  where due respect is given to women and they are worshipped’ is an old saying in Sanskrit. It signifies that the women in Bharat( India ) were actually worshipped and were considered a symbol not only of tenderness and sobriety but of strength too. India is a country which has diverse cultures and different religions. Every religion  teaches us majorly about equality , peace and respect for women.

Gradually the time has brought down the status of women to a stage that they are more or less are not treated as per the men in this divine land. Like any other backward country it too is a country of male superiority. Even in the most highly educated families girls are looked down upon and are considered a burden on the family. They are discriminated and are shown less favour than their privileged brothers.

Although the Constitution provides equal rights to women,the crimes against women that includes sexual harassment, acid attacks, physical torture or precisely talking, rape. Maximum Indians criticise and blame the Women for it. They believe that the reason is wearing clothes that seduce men , roaming at late night , going to pubs etc. This shows nothing but the cheap mentality and negative side of the society. The definition of rape is Act of forcing a person against their will and wish and the true fact behind the Rape is ” ONLY A RAPIST MENTALITY PERSON CAN DO RAPE , NOTHING ELSE”. This inhuman mentality is generated due to lack of self control, molarity and humanity. So criticising women for it must be stopped. Their are laws against dowry , sexual harassment , rape etc. but their execution is very poor. It seems strange but is true all the same that torture and murder of females starts not  during their rearing as a child or after their marriage but even before their birth.

We may take pride that India has largest number of women parliamentarians in the world. We have a large number of Women business magnates , engineers , doctors , lawyer, and many more. But they all belong to the upper stratum of society. The fate of the needy among educated is sealed in the lower ranks of school teachers and clerks, or they are being satisfied with the status of a housewife. Women can reach to the level where men are standing. They can earn equally and can create their own status in the world. I urge them not to bend their knees in front of criticism and circumstances; better fight against it. They should always note that they are ones who give birth to men.


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