6 New IIMs to be set up in India

Date : 23-06-2015
Six more IIMs to be set up, says Ravi Shankar Prasad and the proposed IIM Bill 2015 :

The Union Cabinet has approved setting up of 6 new IIMs (Indian Institue of Management) –

Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), Bodh Gaya (Bihar), Sirmaur (Himachal Pradesh), Nagpur (Maharashtra), Amritsar (Punjab), Sambalpur (Odisha).

Currently, there are 13 IIMs in the country and 6 new IIMs will take up the tally to 19.
The proposed IIM Bill 2015 :

The Government of India is considering a legislative proposal to give IIMs the legal authority to grant degree. The proposed IIM Bill 2015 proposes to grant statutory status to thirteen existing IIMs, and declare them as Institutions of National Importance, to enable them to grant degrees to their students in the academic courses conducted by these institutes. Till now, these Institutions could award only certificate, Post Graduate Diploma and Fellow Programme in Management Certificate.

The very real fear of political and non academic control is what has led many of the IIMs to turn away from this proposed legislation. The new structure brings the IIMs under a council that is bit too close to the Central Government for comfort. There is a sense of fear that autonomy of IIMs may erode.

Admirable India


One thought on “6 New IIMs to be set up in India

  1. I didn’t find time to go through the bill. But basic objective should be :

    – There should be a balance between Govt executives and IIMs.
    – This draft should not impact the working culture of IIMs which may demotivate them.
    – Absolute autonomy can not be granted to any functional body in democracy since it may be harmful in a long run.
    – IIMs must be held liable to follow Govt orders to align itself with our democratic system.
    – Any malpractices, if exists, must be put down objectively using the bill.


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