Mythologically Yours, Amish

Amish Tripathi:  THE IMMORTALS OF MELUHA, THE SECRET OF THE NAGAS AND THE OATH OF THE VAYUPUTRAS, the writer of the three big mythological bash –Amish Tripathi THE IMMORTALS OF MELUHA, depicting the story of Lord Shiva and his journey from the land of Meluha to getting declared as a NEELKANTH, to the struggle of identifying the difference between right and wrong, expedition to Mount Mandar and the sad demise of his friend Brahaspati, disclosure of the secret of somras and involvement of Chandravanshis, to the entry of beautiful Sati and Shiva’s emerging feelings for her was a superlative piece of mythological saga.

the immortals of meluha

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The next exemplary write up, THE SECRET OF THE NAGAS depicts Shiva’s search for Sati and his encounter with Nagas, expedition to Branga – a state of mortal plague, Birth of Kartik, Revelation of Satis twin sister Kali and son Ganesha and the secret of his denouncement by her father Daksha, the entire journey of to Panchvati through Dandak forest and Shiva’s encounter with his believed to be died friend Brahaspati was another masterpiece by Amish.

the secret of the nagas

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After two successful bestselling books, came his third impeccable edition of the Shiva triology –THE OATH OF THE VAYUPUTRAS. Shiva, believed to be the Neelkanth, now knows well that it’s not the Nagas who are evil but it’s the Somaras that is having the ill effect on the people of the country. He declare a battle against Meluha, manufacturer of the evil Somras. Shiva in lure of Brahmastra leaves for Pariha with Gopal, the Vayuputra, where he meets his uncle Mithra who appeared to be the chief of Vayuputras. He is given the Pashupathiastra which acts on any specific target. Meanwhile Sati comes across the thruth of his father and his conspiracy against Shiva. She fights the assassins but gets killed. Provoked by the incident, Shiva then decides to use Pashupathiastra and destroy Devagiri and Somras.


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The 40 year old author, an atheist turned believer, could present Lord Shiva and his story in an unconventional and speculatory manner with all kinds of twists and turns that a reader seeks for. The three breathtaking books got Amish ranked on the top list by Forbes. The trilogy was among the fastest selling books of India.
His next mythological fantasy on Ram Chandra series, ‘ Scion of Ikshvaku’, is all set to be read and experienced by us having been released on 22 June 2015. Ikshvaku was a great king and founder of the Suryavanshi dynasty. His descendent Ram, also known as ‘Maryada Purushottam’ (an ideal man) is believed to be one of the greatest kings whose empire-‘Ram Rajya’ is said to be perfect n flawless. Wishing Amish and the readers all the good luck.

Scion of Ikshvaku

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