The game which we inherited from Britishers, which made us proud and lead our heads high in the world of sports in the 19th n 20th centuries, is hockey. In its debut, at Amsterdam Olympics, India cruised to its first Olympics gold without conceding a single goal.

During 1928 to 1956 India won six straight Olympics gold medals winning 24 consecutive matches. Till date India has won 8 gold medals in hockey in Olympics. Legendary players like Major Dhayan Chand , Balbir Singh , Dhanraj Pillay etc. come to our mind when we talk about hockey. They have given their lives for their country through hockey.

The Indian dominance came to an end in the final of 1960 Rome Olympics losing to Pakistan. However Indian record is likely to stand strong through ages as no other country has ever managed to inch closer; no question of beating it .

The condition of Indian hockey started worsening after 1990 with just few wins here and there.

But the hopes of Indian hockey have again come to existence with its present form. The team led by Sardar Singh has given huge hopes by qualifying in Rio Olympics.

The team’s enthusiasm is at its best and team has won against top sides like Australia, South Korea and arch rival Pakistan presently.

The whole country just needs to shift some attention from money making game of cricket to our national game. The nation should stand still with its heroes and wish them luck for Rio Olympics and other upcoming tournaments.

The time is not far when the dominance of Indian hockey will be back to light.

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