Manik Sarkar

Name is Manik Sarkar. He has been elected as the chief minister of Tripura for the fourth consecutive time in 2013.
> He is the only CM with lowest monetary resources.
> He and his wife lead a very simple life. They neither have a car nor a house of their own.
> He donates his full salary to his party (CPM) for its welfare and keeps only Rs 5000 with him.
> He is often called as the “Honest and the cleanest CM of the country” and has maintained a good image even among his opponents.
> It was recently revealed that his bank deposit has been totalled to a mere amount of  Rs 11,000 .
> He inherited a home after his mother’s death, but then he gave the home away to another family member of his.

Most people are unaware of his name or presence. We often do charity by donating lakhs of money. But keep aside considerable amount for us too. But this great man keeps a mere amount of 5000 Rs for him from his salary and donates the rest. Imagine living your life and keeping up with all expenses in today’s market with only Rs 5000 in hand.

This great human being sure needs much more recognition.



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