Growth in Social Media users: Rural India beats urban India

India has 243.2 million Internet users and 106 million Active Social Media Users.

India in the portrait of social media is developing in a unique way. In the era of digitization a smart device has more priority than a money wallet.

Students are using mobile phones for years, but with the establishment of smart phones and devices, young people are spending even more time staring at their mobile devices

Social Media Platform Habits Changing. As a report stats there are approx. 140 million social media users in India as on April 2015The report stated that the top four metros continue to account for almost half of the social media users in urban India. Usage of social media in rural India has grown by 100% during the last year with 25 million users are flowing with social media and sailing with a steady flow

However, urban India makes the flow a relatively lower growth of 35% with total number of users at 118 million as on April 2015 says ‘Social Media in India 2014’. The report also says that the largest segment accessing social media users. The college going student’s sails in front with 34% followed by the young men at 27% every teenager has a habitat of social media having more priorities than rest of the facilities.

Every young person is concern about their social life with proper sets and scenes. School going children constitute 12% of the social media users. College students and young men still form the 60% of the social media users in urban India. The stats further notifies that 61% of these users access social media on their mobile device. “The fact that almost one-third of the users are already accessing social media through their mobile is a promising sign. With the expected increase in the mobile traffic the number of users accessing the social media on mobile is only bound to increase,”

There it’s a positive sign towards the digitization.


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