Happy Father’s Day

A child when young, lives with all the freedom, facilitated with every essential. He lives with all the happiness and fun around. As he grows up, he starts living with some dreams in his eyes. He sometimes has no idea, so as to what he is dreaming, is all about. But still, he continues to dream, think and starts moving in the direction of his vision. One fine day, he achieves what he desired. He now turns a bit older. He is feeling a bit different than what he used to, while he was young. He gets a bit confused and starts thinking about what has changed. He finds that he can no longer keep his thoughts confined to himself, that he can no longer think of taking rest, that he now feels loaded with so many responsibilities. He finds that he is not alone. He finds that his dreams are big but not bigger than the people around. He finds that something different is going on with him, that he is no longer able to express all the time, he finds that even if he fails to express sometimes but still finds pleasure somewhere, that sometimes he is unable to enjoy but finds satisfaction somewhere, that sometimes he feels tired and messed up but gets the energy from somewhere, he finds that sometimes he is all broken up, but finds the happiness from somewhere. And you know what he thinks next? He lets his thoughts sign off and smiles, as now he knows the reason. He is a FATHER now.

To all the Fathers we would like to say Thank you for always being there for us. Neither it was nor will it be enough to express our gratitude for the epitome of sacrifice and the living legend of our life. Every child has a dream but it can hardly be achieved if he isn’t been backed by a FATHER. Let’s raise a toast to the FATHERHOOD to thank all the Fathers today.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there.

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